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As you know you can find 30 fresh links every day on the SIMPLY HODL main site ( 10 from Twitter, 10 from Youtube & 10 From Websites ) , but this blog will serve as a more informal and in depth daily update on the goings on of the Crypto Universe – posted in no particular order.

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So let’s get into today’s Crypto News stories.

Bitcoin is still facing a lot of downward pressure keeping the price headed south – so much so that Scott Menard ( of Guggenheim ) said he thinks the [bitcoin price could actually plunge over 50% from current price levels.] Although, since Bitcoin is already dipped to around $ 50,000 USD – a further 50 % drop seems very unlikely. [Michael Saylor would just buy it all up, anyways. ]

Next up is the real star of the day- Ethereum. The price of Ethereum has been performing extremely well today and people are [anticipating some exciting price action.] as the charts look promising. Congratulations to all the Ethereum HODL-ers out there!

Tyler Winklevoss of Gemini ( If you aren’t aware of Gemini – It’s one of the biggest crypto exchanges , run by the guys with whom Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook ) has announced today that [users can purchase cryptocurrency on their platform using Apple Pay.] His brother Cameron also tweeted that [Bitcoin is not an asset to be traded…but to be HODLED.”]

To HODL, or not to HODL? The answer is HODL.

Just stop for a second and imagine what you would do if you had $220 million dollars USD worth of Bitcoin in a self destructing wallet (you have two attempts left) & you can’t remember the codes. What would you do? Yeah, I have no idea either but that’s exactly what happened to this guy. This is right up there with the bitcoin pizza.

In non-pizza related news, the [SEC & the CFTC have been ordered by the U.S House of Representatives to establish a working crypto group.] This could be great for mass adoption. Cathy Wood has also recently stated that [bitcoin is good for the environment ] – more long term bullish news for bitcoin.

Although it’s worth mentioning that for the [first time since 2018, bitcoin dominance fell below 50 %. ]. That doesn’t scare Michael Saylor one bit however, as he recently [took up the debate of ‘Bitcoin vs Gold’ and defended his decision of choosing Bitcoin. ] Many influencers and experts are still convinced we will see triple digit bitcoin in 2021, though, so don’t get too caught up in the FUD.

Speaking of FUD – there’s nothing more full of fear, uncertainty or doom (FUD) than real life poverty. If you live in a well developed nation you may take some things for granted like access to banking services, voting rights & real integration of technology in real time facilitating everyday life and uplifting millions of people.

Fortunately many groups of good projects are working everyday to make blockchain technology reachable to everyone in the world; and one of the most promising of those companies is Cardano. With the [upcoming Cardano Africa Special , many people are anticipating a run up in the price.]

But that isn’t the most exciting thing Cardano is doing – they also have [smart contracts coming to the platform alongside the Alonzo update in Q2], which will bring even more capabilities to the project. No one knows what will be announced on April 29th at the Cardano Africa Special, but if the hype around the event is to be believed it will not be just another empty press event.

We could actually see one of the biggest announcement ever to be made in the history (so far) of Crypto world / blockchain technology integration with the real world on a mass adoption level.(but that is still purely speculation).

Well that about sums it up for todays simply hodl blog post update. Thanks for reading and as always WHEN IN DOUBT ZOOM OUT.

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