WHO WAS Satoshi Nakamoto? + BITCOIN BOUNCES OFF 21 WMA …

Hello again & Welcome to the Simply Hodl Crypto Blog #6 !

This is the update for Tuesday, April 27th 2021. (4/27/21)

I’m going to try and cover more crypto news stories than usual today; So let’s get started!

Right off the top Crypto is looking very bullish, with [Bitcoin looking to target $ 58,000 in it’s next leg up.]. This leaves many traders and holders more optimistic than they were just a few short days ago – but that is all part of the volatile Crypto market. [However…there may be a pattern to that volatility. ]

Although you wouldn’t want to mine a bitcoin with a Commodore 64…because [it would take you 50 trillion years.] That’s a little longer than any of us have – but who knows. One thing that is now known is [Tesla’s reasons behind their Q1 $100 Million Bitcoin sale.] Either way – [Bitcoin is bouncing back hard after coming close to the 21 Weekly Moving Average].

The price action is great and all – but let’s take a look at the man / woman / group of people who INVENTED Bitcoin. That’s right – I’m talking about Satoshi Nakamoto. He disappeared 10 years ago this week..have you ever wondered [WHY he disappeared?] His legacy and impact will live on long after we do; and the mystery surrounding his origins ideally will remain just that – a mystery.

Bitcoin isn’t the only hotcake at the Sunday Church Easter bake sale on a cloudy day- [These whales are scooping up Altcoins also], and it looks like the bull market is just getting started. [Facebook is even getting in on the Bitcoin fun.]

In Cardano news – they’ve recently released new details about the Africa Blockchain event. It looks like they will be looking to [onboard 5 million + people into the blockchain] by partnering with Ethiopia. Exciting news!

Ethereum is also doing awesome – breaking in a [new all time high of $2,700 (so far) today]

Tyler Winklevoss of Gemini has announced more details of the [Upcoming Crypto Credit Card] – it looks very interesting.

All in all, things are looking pretty optimistic for Bitcoin and crypto in general heading into the month of May. To put it simply [(in the words of Micheal Saylor)] – “The Bitcoin Dragon Has Awakened To Fight The Gold Knight”.

& what a fight it will be.

That does it for today – as always WHEN IN DOUBT, ZOOM OUT.

-Corey Phillips

P.S – Just be aware that if you live in a small town in Canada – you’re internet is susceptible to [beaver attack]. Stay safe!

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