July 6, 2022

ray liotta laser eyes

Anthony Hopkins has officially entered the NFT space – and he’s looking to purchase some NFT pieces. Hopkins recently posted on his Twitter account that he is “astonished by all the great NFT artists. Jumping in to acquire my first piece, any recommendations?” He then tagged fellow celebrities Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Fallon & Reece Witherspoon. ( You can view his tweet here. )

So, if you’re an NFT artist and you’re looking for someone to check out your work – Hopkins may be interested. He is not the first celebrity to get into the NFT game. Johnny Depp, who recently had a pretty high profile divorce in the mainstream media (thank god that’s over ) also has official NFT’s collection where he sells portraits that he does of his friends and heroes.

More and more celebrities, artists and entertainers are beginning to explore the NFT universe and although very famous actors have endorsed their own NFT projects or famously purchased some ( Like Eminem buying a bored ape ) – It is good to see an actor as accomplished as Anthony Hopkins genuinely interested in the space.

Although we can all agree the NFT space is still very new, it is more important to remember that it won’t always be “new” and one day sooner than you

think; NFTs will be not just “everywhere in crypto communities & nice groups” – they will literally be EVERYWHERE. Congrats to Anthony Hopkins for recognizing the future.

NFTs declined to comment.

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