July 6, 2022

ray liotta laser eyes

In Season 6, Episode 11 ( “Modern Espionage” ) of the awesome show “Community” , Preston Koogler a.k.a “The Koog” mentions Bitcoin by name & states that he doesn’t accept it as a form of payment even though he believes in it, because he’s waiting for it to “stabalize”. But what if “The Koog” HAD accepted bitcoin in return for a bag of paintballs? Just how much money would he have today? Well, let’s do the math.

We know that the “Modern Espionage” aired on May 19, 2015. We can look at the bitcoin price chart to see that on that particular day – 1 Bitcoin was trading for around $ 230. We can look on amazon and see the price of a bag of 500 paintballs runs around $20- $30. We can be certain he would have charged a little extra, but let’s just call it $23.

So if “The Koog” had accepted Bitcoin as a payment, he would have acquired about ten percent of a bitcoin in exchange for one bag of paintballs. Since the price of bitcoin today sits just under 30,000 – that means The Koog would have around $ 3,000 dollars from just that ONE paint ball bag sale.

However….we know from the episode that the entire school was in on the paintball game. The Koog had an entire operation going – there’s no way he would have just sold 1 bag. Due to the crazy amount of paintballs his character probably sold during the episode – he most likely sold hundreds.

So that’s right – The Koog could have accepted Bitcoin & become a millionaire – but he chose to wait for it to stabalize. Not very streets ahead of him.

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