October 2, 2022

ray liotta laser eyes

Bitcoiners and HODL go together like that song from the grease movie they sang about love or whatever. But what does HODL mean? Why are there so many “HODL” memes, and what does the whole thing actually “meme” anyways?

Well that’s what this blog post is about because I’m going to give you the quick rundown of the history of the HODL. And if you think you already know it all, you better hodl your horses because I guarantee you don’t.

The history of the HODL meme began waay back in December 18th 2013, when a poster who goes by the name of “GameKyuubi” posted in a forum during a drinking session.

In only a few short words he basically declared that he was drunk, his girlfriend was at a lesbian bar, and he was holding bitcoin because he KNOWS he’s a bad trader. His humorous post poked fun at so called “Bitcoin Bros” who know exactly the right time to buy and sell.

He admitted he does not possess that skill, and ends his post by saying “sue me, but only if it’s payable in BTC”. What a legend.

Since the title on his post was misspelled to say “I am HODLING” – it was picked up in the community and began to take on a life of it’s own. To “HODL” became it’s own word & quickly circulated until it was firmly in the daily vernacular of anyone who dared dip even the slightest of a toe into the Bitcoin world.

It even evolved into an acronym, with members of the bitcoin hodler community referring to it as “Hold On For Dear Life” .

While bitcoin memes are plentiful, but the majority of the best and most enjoyed memes are those that incorporate “hodl” into them.

The “never say die” attitude of most bitcoin enthusiasts was well encapsulated with the ‘hodl” meme – and just like ray liotta and “laser eyes”; it will always be a part of Bitcoin.

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