October 2, 2022

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I recently watched an interview between George ( From Cryptosrus ) and Max ( From ContrarianDude ) where they discussed some of the things that are on everyone’s minds right now about Bitcoin and what could happen in the near future as well as the distant future. They talk about current events, like inflation, the possibility of recession, and how long it may take for bitcoin to become a world reserve currency.

I thought it was such an interesting interview, that I wanted to write down and share my thoughts about is and also provide a little bit of a summary.( You can watch the full interview @ youtube.com/successcouncil ) .

As a longtime ( years ) watcher of both George and Max; I can tell you that this particular interview is worth the almost thirty minutes it takes to watch it.They do a good job of comparing the bullish vs bearish scenarios and what could be coming into play soon, and also raising more interesting and larger questions. Here is my take on it.

It starts off with George telling the outline of how he achieved success with his channel CryptsoRus on youtube. He talks about how he streamed everyday for three years during the last bear market, and it wasn’t until bitcoin started taking off in 2020 that his channel really got “lift off”. It is very inspiring and kudos to George for sticking it out through all the haters and naysayers and making content because I for one enjoy his daily live streams and am glad he is around. Something I didn’t know about George was that he actually started his website – ( www.cryptosrus.com ) BEFORE he started his youtube channel. As someone who is more comfortable writing than being on video, I applaud his efforts and am glad to see him achieve a well deserved spotlight.

Overall during the video, t felt like George was more bullish than Max in the short term – that is because George thinks that 30k might be the bottom and we could start going up from here – although he does say that if inflation gets worse and the macro picture looks dim, it’s possible there could be more downside. Max on the other hand thinks that more macro downside is coming up in the near term ( I.E, inflation, more stock sell offs, etc ) and that in the short term the US dollar will continue to get stronger.

Max thinks that we could see 22k again ( even 14k maybe if things get bad enough ) before we go back up. Although Max does say that when the money printer turns on, bitcoin can really run again. So they both kind of agree on bitcoin going back up, but disagree on what the near future looks like for bitcoin. It’s seems like Max is taking more of a cautious approach, while George is arguing for the more bullish, long term features of bitcoin. Max is also bullish on bitcoin, but he raises a good question on whether that could take “10,20 or 15 years” – no one knows. He also uses Michael Saylor as an example of someone who sweeps company profits every month into bitcoin – so Saylor probably doesn’t mind if the price goes down.

Both George and Max seem to believe that the economy WILL get worse, and so will inflation. They both agree that eventually some day, Bitcoin will become a worlds reserve currency and they are both true believers in financial freedom, sovereignty & most importantly of all, they had a friendly debate about the short term action of bitcoin. It was enjoyable to watch. It leaves you with bigger questions than you went in with, and I highly recommend you watch it. Thanks for reading 🙂

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