July 6, 2022

ray liotta laser eyes

Bitcoiners around the world recently began paying tribute online to the late great American actor Ray Liotta After learning that he sadly passed away this past Thursday at the age of 67.

While many millions of people all across the world have good reason to mourn Mr.Liotta, bitcoin enthusiasts in particular it seems have been affected positively by his life and career.

“Bitcoin Twitter” as it is called was lit up with tribute posts to the late actor.

The reason for the tribute is due largely to the popularity that an edited still frame shot of Liotta laughing, ( from his 1990 “GoodFellas” film ) had been circulating among Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts on twitter and elsewhere.

It was quite well known within the community as a “go to” “laser eyes” meme, as the memes edit shows “bitcoin lasers” coming from his eyes.

For those unfamiliar, the “Laser Eyes” as a meme, both .gif and the images are both highly popular because they signify strong sentiment and overall solid faith in the possibilities of Bitcoin.

It is unclear if Mr. Liotta ever saw one of his “laser eye” memes, or if he ever had any interest or knowledge about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

However, just as the legacy of Ray Liotta will forever live on and his films will always spark new emotions in those experiencing them for the first time, so too will the legacy of Bitcoin continue to succeed and grow and because of the popularity of the “Bitcoin Laser Eyes” meme, Mr. Liotta will forever be a part of that.

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