July 6, 2022

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We all wish we could live in a world without war. A world where human lives are not the cost of freedom. Unfortunately, that is not the world we currently live in.

That is why on Memorial Day, we honor military personnel who lost their lives while serving in the armed forces. The truth that many people do not understand is that freedom is not free.

The world can be a very unforgiving and harsh place – anyone can take a look at human history or the state of the world and surmise that for themselves. In fact, in a world where four times as many U.S veterans die by suicide than by combat – we have to ask the very real question – What can we do about it?

So today, as we honor their bravery, and we honor the sacrifice they gave us by laying down their lives to protect the freedom that so many take for granted; I want to respectfully ask the question: “Is there a possible future where people don’t have to die in wars?

A future where the price of “freedom” isn’t human lives? What better way to honor their memory and sacrifice than to do everything possible to implement a solution that helps us build a better, more functional world? And is Bitcoin that solution? And if so, why?

After all, a system that requires sacrifice of human lives is not a “perfect” system and surely could use some updating. While it is convenient to “dream” of a better world, let’s take a look at a few points that I think illustrate the need for Bitcoin as a prevention to human suffering, death & war.

Bitcoin can prevent combat deaths by removing the incentive for countries to fight over resources. When countries can print an infinite supply of money with no regards for how it will affect future generations or it’s very own people, it leads to corruption, centralization of power & uncheckable greed.

Having a world reserve currency that everyone is forced to use yet a small group of powerful elites get to control only creates an environment where human life becomes just another statistic, another number to add up in the equation of war and determine later on if it was worth it. Such a system is designed to create conflict, not prosperity.

Bitcoin fixes this.

So on this Memorial Day 2022, I hope that along with honoring and remembering those who sacrificed their lives for a greater good; we also ask ourselves what we can do to make the world a better place. We must never take these freedoms for granted – we can’t just say ‘thanks for sacrificing your life” and then live in bliss.

We must ask ourselves what can change to create a world with less violence, not more of it. To do so, we have to recognize the leading cause of war, death & suffering is in fact the monetary system and it’s chokehold on the globe. Bitcoin is the solution.

I believe Bitcoin is a path towards peace & that one day in the future generations will look back on nation state currencies and fractional reserve banking as a 100 yearlong failed experiment in a bumpy ride towards global sovereignty.

And what better way to honor those who died for freedom, than to continue that fight with the tools of a new world? Bitcoin provides those tools & through Bitcoin we can make the world a safer place.

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