Hello! Welcome to the Simply Hodl Crypto Blog #9 ( 5/4/21)

As you already know, everyday you can find 30 fresh links from the “Crypto Asset” Wild West & Beyond on the homepage ( ). but here on the blog I go into a little more detail about some of the headlines and happenings of the Crypto Asset” Wild Wild West.

So let’s get right into it for today ( May 4th 2021 ):

First up we’ve got Bitcoin price [taking a slight dip back down around the $53,000 area], although It is my personal opinion that is NOT a result of [Bill Maher supposedly making Bitcoin “Uncool”.]. When has Bill Maher made anything cool? 🙂

We all know Bitcoin certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon ( or ever, maybe ) but for the moment some of the spotlight has been [stolen by Ethereum & Dogecoin.] Ethereum because, well, because it’s Ethereum.

Dogecoin is in the news because [Elon Musk is appearing on Saturday Night Live on May 8th.] Will the pump last? Who knows! Be careful though – always know what you are risking.

While [the price of Ethereum continues rise and rise], giving way to a new phrase that has been “coined” ( pun intended ) : “Crypto Assets”. Some are even considering that [Ethereum should not be considered an Altcoin anymore.]

Ethereum & Dogeoin aren’t the only “Crypto Assets” getting attention though – recently some have been looking towards [Chainlink to make a large move upwards very soon, much like a “tsunami”].

Also, many are hoping that we can see an [Altcoin “Super Cycle”] this year. The jury is still out on that one – but we can dream, can’t we? Speaking of dreams…who doesn’t dream of a better, cleaner less polluted world? That’s why it’s important to know the [environmental impact of gold vs bitcoin].

In other headlines, [Ethereum could hit $10,000] [or it could go even higher…] . Michael Saylor said it best in his tweet this morning when he said [ DON’T BET AGAINST THE DRAGON ].

That’s about it for today’s crypto blog update! & as always…WHEN IN DOUBT, ZOOM OUT!

-Corey Phillips

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