Mark Zuckerberg Posts Picture Of His Pet Goats – “Max” & “Bitcoin”…

Hello & Welcome to the Simply Hodl Crypto Blog #11 ( update for 5/11/21)

There are quite a few exciting and interesting things going on in the crypto space for us to talk about today so let’s get right into it.

First of all, the price of Bitcoin is currently hovering above $57,000 on [news that 46 Million Americans own some of the crypto asset] & even more bullish news that [Coinbase was the #1 Downloaded app in The United States, even beating out social media giant TikTok]. That’s not the only bullish news either – it was announced today that [billionaire’s Peter Thiel & Alan Howard now back a $10 billion Crypto exchange.]

The price of Bitcoin may be heading up or down in the short term, but most everyone is still in the camp of believing we have not approached the peak of the bullrun. Projections for the price of bitcoin have even been going up, as [Bobby Lee updated his price prediction for the crypto recently.]

However, bitcoin isn’t the only star of the show – [some are expecting Cardano to go parabolic soon.] That would definitely be something, considering the price action that ADA has seen since the start of the year. However, if Ethereum gas fees are not fixed with Eth 2.0; it could be likely that a lot of that capital would flow into it’s #1 threat – Cardano.

Time will tell on that one though, as Ethereum is also enjoying some incredible gains and attention recently and it doesn’t look like that is going to be slowing down anytime in the new future. After blowing past $4,000; some are even [targeting $5,000 as a price target in the near term]. Although, [dogecoin copycats have been negatively effecting the Ethereum Gas price lately],

In some actually sort of strange but interesting news – [Mark Zuckerberg (you probably never heard of him) posted an image to twitter of his newest pets: two goats; one named “Max” and one named “Bitcoin”.

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-Corey Phillips

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