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This is the Crypto Articles, Youtube & Twitter update for April 24th, 2021 (in awesome 3D blog format)

So let’s get to it.

It looks like some of the fear over the Bitcoin dip is beginning to morph into optimism and excitement surrounding what seems to be [Bitcoins inevitable journey to $100,000.] Some people are even talking about [Wyoming becoming a crypto “promised land”]. But most of us are just glad that the [Bitcoin price is back above $50,000]. Leaving everyone to ask the golden question…[is it time to buy the dip?]

Speaking of things that are back – the fake satoshi impersonators are back also. [This guy is even claiming he invented Bitcoin…and the lawsuit might go in his favor.] Although it isn’t as bad as the [Turkish Crypto Exchange Guy who ran away with $2 Billion of Investor Money]. Ouch. Seems like a good reminder of “not your keys , not your crypto”. It’s understandable to keep small bags in an exchange or for a trade – but always be aware of third party actors; that’s kiiiind of the entire point of Bitcoin.

In happier news, [Mark Cuban will become the next Billionaire to go all in on Crypto.] Good for him. The bitcoin logo is round and orange so it’s a surprise it didn’t catch his attention sooner.

On the Ethereum side of things, the sentiments are a little more divided. [Some people are expecting really BIG things] from ETH soon & some are even [selling all their ETH entirely]. The Ethereum community is still hyped about what they have coming in 2021 though – and it’s more likely than not [Ethereum could make you a millionaire in 2021].

Despite [many warnings from YouTube crypto influencers], [younger wallets sold off the most during the dip]. It’s very likely those same wallets will buy back into Bitcoin…just at a higher price. That’s okay though, because it’s all part of the learning process & [bitcoin is still on course]. If you’re a newbie to Crypto & you are a little lost right now – don’t worry, [it’s not as complicated as it sounds.]

It isn’t always [as urgent, either].

In the Crypto Twitter space today; PlanB tweeted a reminder to newbies to read [these 3 papers]. Michael Saylor [quoted Ben Franklin] & it’s no wonder that guy is still excited about Crypto because [Microstrategy is up 430% since it first bought Bitcoin] Gold is up only 15%. It doesn’t look like Bitcoin is going to slow down anytime soon as the [Bitcoin RSI has reset to it’s lowest point since March 2020].

In fact, [everyone who understands the network effect knows that Bitcoin has already won]. The majority of people in the Bitcoin world and Crypto space are extremely “early to the party”. The number is growing however as [many people trust Bitcoin more than they trust their bank].

Although we won’t all be as cool as [this guy who predicted $50,000 Bitcoin back in 2014].

Okay that about wraps it up for today’s blog. Feel free to post comments below & join the discussion.


-Corey Phillips

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