Welcome to the debut daily blog of the Simply Hodl website! The Simply Hodl Blog is a combination of each days crypto related news stories, twitter posts & YouTube videos – among other sources. It can not cover EVERYTHING that goes on in crypto, but there will be fresh blogs & links daily. 

As you know you can find 30 fresh links every day on the SIMPLY HODL main site ( 10 from Twitter, 10 from Youtube & 10 From Websites ) , but this blog will serve as a more informal and in depth daily update on the goings on of the Crypto Universe – posted in no particular order. 

Thanks for being here for the first post & if you enjoy this material be sure to bookmark this page & visit it to get fresh intel on what’s going on in the digital wild Wild West. (Or Pirates on the digital sea, if yARRR into that kind of thing).

So let’s get into today’s Crypto News stories.

First up (biggest daily story) is of course the price of bitcoin. [Bitcoin took a major dip over the weekend], and many speculators are predicting that the [price could break down even more, making for an amazing trade set up] leading up until the first of May. Put simply, Bitcoin is not looking bullish right now in the short term & probably won’t be breaking any all time highs again until around the first of the month in May. 

Paypal owned Venmo has not been worried about it though, as [over 70 million users] can now buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the platform. This is considered great for mass adoption of crypto in general and is one of many institutional pieces falling in line with Bitcoin’s domination of the global financial spectrum. 

Speaking of Global financial domination, [JP Morgan also made an announcement] warning bitcoin holders that the cryptocurrency appears “weak”…although on chain data suggests that [the many bitcoin hodlers are simply just not selling.], which is a long term bullish signal for the overall bitcoin market. 

The Crypto market in Africa however is about to get a big leg up on the competition – as Charles Hoskinson and the rest of the ADA team have announced an Africa Blockchain Summit for April 29th..leading investors excited about the possibilities of what could happen when a large country with millions of people to onboard and self described “third generation” blockchain with [a smart contract coming in Q2] finally meet. 

Another meeting many of us did not see coming was the union of Playboy Magazine and the NFT hype train. Playboy announced they’re getting into NFTS, and their stock (of course) soared on the news. Very soon, you could own your very own Playmate of the month. (Assuming you have enough Ethereum for the gas fees). 

But ETH Gas fees aren’t the only numbers that are way higher than they should rightly be on 4/20, [Dogecoin has very recently captured a leprechaun, forced it to hand over it’s gold; and subsequently invested all that gold into DOGE thereby spiking the price up to insane levels], so congratulations to all those who made some profits with DOGE & our thoughts and prayers are with you while you enjoy your time on the moon. All jokes aside – congratulations to DOGECOIN – and [here is why Mike Novogratz wouldn’t short it. ]

So lastly there is something that I think is just neat enough to mention. You may or may not know who Kevin Smith is; but for those unfamiliar with his bodies of work ( Clerks, Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob, SuperGirl etc. ) he is an iconic figure in both the independent film industry and in the always underestimated comic book circuit. 

He rose to fame through those roles and through overcoming great personal adversity in recent years, Kevin Smith is poised to once again revolutionize the way upcoming artists view the world in which they create and play. 

Smith recently appeared on BitBoy Crypto’s channel to do an interview and in that interview he announced he is not only creating Jay and Silent Bob NFTs – but he is extending that opportunity to any artist who wants to produce fan art for Jay and Silent Bob. Not only that…but he also stated that his upcoming movie “Clerks 3” will have a major part of the plot revolve around Bitcoin because he “wants the be the first guy to make crypto jokes in a movie”. 

If you haven’t heard of Kevin Smith, this might not be that amazing but if you are a fan of his works & haven’t heard about his recent adventure into the Crypto world – you’re welcome. 

That about wraps it up for today’s blog post, thanks for reading all the way to the end & as always WHEN IN DOUBT ZOOM OUT. 

– Corey Phillips


  1. JERRY SORRELL May 5th, 2021 at 1:50 am

    Thank You very much for all the info.


    • Corey May 22nd, 2021 at 7:48 am

      Thanks For Reading Jerry 🙂


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