Welcome to the Simply Hodl Bitcoin / Crypto update blog #5 for Monday, April 26th 2021. (4/26/21)

Bitcoin and crypto in general have had quite a roller coaster of a weekend so let’s get right into it.

TESLA has revealed that they [made $100 Million dollars in profit] from selling some of their Bitcoin in Q1 of 2021. Elon Musk is also scheduled to [host Saturday Night Live on May 8th] – and one has to wonder if he will mention Dogecoin.

What would happen if Elon Musk mentioned DOGE on SNL? That would have an effect on the price of the meme coin. This might be a stretch but joke coin + joke show + famous person known for pumping said joke coin on twitter…actually it’s not that big of a leap.

He probably won’t mention it as there have been no hints so far that he will. However…with SNL’s recent [sketch about NFTs], combined with Elon’s habit of [shamelessly pumping Doge]…who knows. We will have to wait to see.

In other news, Charles Hoskinson ( Founder of Cardano & Ethereum ) [gives his take on the state of crypto and blockchain in general]. JP Morgan has also chimed in with some more bullish news as they announced they will begin to [offer their wealthy clients Bitcoin Funds]. It’s wonderful to imagine one of those clients is the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto – who [went missing 10 years ago today] spooky music .

Market participants are not scared at all however as even more famous faces are getting into the space. Kansas City Chief’s football player Sean Culkin announced that he is [converting his entire 2021 salary into Bitcoin ( $900,000 )] As a lifelong fan of finance & a gold bug, he sees the value in Bitcoin long term and wants to “build generational wealth”. Good for him.

That about does it for today. As always WHEN DOUBT ZOOM OUT

-Corey Phillips

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