Welcome to the Simply Hodl Blog #8 – for May 3rd 2021 ( 5/3/21 )

Bitcoin & Ethereum have been having a VERY interesting weekend so let’s jump right into today’s crypto news headlines:

First of all, even though everyone is still extremely bullish on Bitcoin price in the short term ([Well, nearly everyone]] , Ethereum has stolen the show in the past few days , [resulting in Bitcoin Dominance to fall]. However, for the majority of the Crypto world, [ $70,000 Bitcoin is still a very real possibility in the month of May!]

It is great to see Ethereum breaking $3,000 and heading to new all time highs – but [how high could Ethereum realistically go?]. Some people even see ETH [aiming for $10,000 in the short term.] It seems as if [ETH is leading us into a spectacularly bullish Altcoins season.] If you’re an Ethereum holder, you are pretty excited right about now so congratulations to all the ETH holders out there!

Something that is sure to be all over the headlines in the next week or so is the fact that [EBAY is looking at accepting Bitcoin.] That’s right, the CEO of Ebay recently revealed the companies plan to possibly begin accepting the Cryptocurrency this year. It can sure feel like everyone and their grandmother has already adopted Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in 2021…but we are just getting started.

[Africa is currently leading the world in P2P Bitcoin transaction’s for 2021] – that should tell you how early we are to the game.

& If you think the Bitcoin price at current levels is a “blow off top” – take a look at [this chart from 2017 ]. Bullish.

A few other things that happened today; [Michael Saylor quoted Rumi on Bitcoin,] [Coinbase may be running out of Bitcoin to sell,] & [Vitalik Buterin has officially become a BILLIONAIRE] (Congrats Vitalik)!

That about wraps up today’s Bitcoin / Ethereum & Crypto related news blog, thanks for reading I you made it this far & feel free to comment on this blog post. & share with friends and family! Also – you can find 30 fresh crypto news links EVERY DAY on the main page at . & Always remember…


-Corey Phillips

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