July 6, 2022

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How I Created, Minted & Airdropped 100 NFTs in 3 days (For Free)….

If you’re into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, you have no doubt heard about “NFTs” in 2021. You may not know much about them – even though they’ve technically been around for a few years now. “Beeples” sold an NFT for 69 MILLION dollars earlier this year. Countless other celebrities, brands & people have been getting in on the action lately and that is why I thought it would be a good time to dive into the NFT world and see just how easy it is to make and sell them. This article is a run down of some quick facts about the phenomenon known as “Non Fungible Tokens”. This will also be an an easy going “how to guide” on how I created, minted & airdropped 100 custom NFTs within three days. So if you want to learn more about NFTs, or you want to make your own NFTs for free (and sell them) – this article is for you! So let’s get into it.

So first off, what is an NFT? You know what the letters “NFT” stand for – but what exactly is it?

An NFT is a smart contract on a blockchain between two parties, that signifies actual ownership of a digital item. That’s it. That’s all it is. You may have heard the running joke about people using “right click copy” to “steal” others NFTs. This is no different than printing a dollar bill out of your printer at home. Sure, it may work for the Fed – but when you do it you can’t use that dollar. Someone may be able to “right click copy” a Crypto Punk – but they can’t prove they actually own that Crypto Punk (or sell it) unless they can prove they own it with a smart contract signed by both creator and purchaser. NFTs are the foundation for the future of digital property rights & a wonderful way to get your stuff out there if you are an artist. That’s what I did.

So how did I do it? First of all, I already had my artwork ready. I had been drawing for years as a teenager & amassed a large stack of sketchbooks. This was of course in the early 2000’s , so after years of drawing I ended up scanning all my drawings into my laptop so I could hold onto the “digital” versions of my art. I had about 1000 scans of sketchbook pages and I never really knew what to do with them. Sure, I could put them on websites (which I did) but no one really had a way to “own” my art. So when I heard about NFT craze last year; I got to do some research on it and found that it was EXACTLY what I needed to get my work out there. Here is how I did it – for free.

You might think “Free? I thought Ethereum gas fees were outrageous”. This is true – but you can also “mint” NFT’s on Polygon chain for free, using opensea.io . So here are the steps I took to do that:

  1. Took my artwork scans & turned them into transparent .png files. I used Microsoft Paint 3D to do this, but there are many programs you can use.
  2. I found an online tool to combine .gif images with my transparent art files.
  3. I created a Metamask wallet (free) and connected it to my newly created opensea.io account (also free).
  4. I simply uploaded the file, put in some details and chose “Polygon” as the blockchain, then clicked “create”.
  5. Repeated this 100 times for 100 different “pieces” of art.

That’s it. That’s all you have to do to create NFTs ( which can be ANY digital item – an .mp3, a photo, a video, etc ). Afterwards I created a “Collection”. I called mine “The Corey Phillips Collection“. I chose 1/1 NFTs – which means there is only one copy of each. You can also choose like, 100/100 if you want more copies of the same file to be available for purchase, but I chose to do it that way so it would be less work for the airdrop and so they would be more unique.

But I still had one more problem – how can I get people to own my art? The answer is an “Airdrop”.

I went to Twitter & Reddit & posted about my collection and the airdrop. On twitter, I used a bunch of “nft” releated hashtags. Easy. On Reddit, I went into the “NFT marketplace” subreddit. I asked people to drop their ETH addresses in the comments (you can drop Polygon NFT’s into ETH wallets) and one by one, As the addresses trickle in, I transferred each of the 100 pieces into 100 other peoples custody. And just like that – almost 100 people now actually “own” some of my art.

You can easily create your own NFT’s & either sell them or give them away. Using Opensea.io and the polygon, twitter & reddit you can also “airdrop” your NFT’s to others and grow awareness of your digital brand. This was what I did and it only took 3 days – although it could take way less time if you already have your art ready to go – I had to create mine into .GIFs which took some extra time. All in all, it was a great experience and much easier and cheaper than I imagined it to be. I’m glad I took the step and tried it out.

What do you think about NFTs? Do you have any questions? Tell me in the comments below! & Thanks for reading 🙂

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