Welcome to the daily blog of the Simply Hodl website! The Simply Hodl Blog is a combination of each days crypto related news stories, twitter posts & YouTube videos – among other sources. It can not cover EVERYTHING that goes on in crypto, but there will be fresh blogs & links daily.

As you know you can find 30 fresh links every day on the SIMPLY HODL main site ( 10 from Twitter, 10 from Youtube & 10 From Websites ) , but this blog will serve as a more informal and in depth daily update on the goings on of the Crypto Universe – posted in no particular order.

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So let’s get into today’s Crypto News stories.

First of all – AHHHHHHHH. (just kidding). As you most likely know – pretty much the entire market is red today. Although this [could be the most amazing trade set up] that bitcoin has offered us so far this year, many participators in the market are beginning to feel fear and uncertainty and doubt (FUD). Some are even calling for this to be a [possible top for the 2021 bull market cycle] , although that does seem the most unlikely scenario.

So why IS bitcoin selling off? Is it a dip? Is it the end of the Bull market? Did Satoshi wake up from a decade + long coma & start selling? There are many theories – among them is [new tax regulation fears] , [the end of the month futures expiry] , & the possibility that Peter Schiff somewhere, somehow, got ahold of a magic lamp and was granted 3 wishes.

Seriously though, with [over 200 billion dollars wiped out of the cryptocurrency market] in one day alone, and [bitcoin falling below $50,000 for the first time since March], it is enough to frighten the average investor. If you were around during the 2017 bull run and subsequent collapse, then you already know that this time is much different.

Don’t close you’re eyes, it’s not a dream. If this is your first crypto bull market – then do not despair. 2021 is FAR from over. So do not panic…it is very likely not over. In fact, the biggest names in the space are calling for [4 digit bitcoin price before the end of the year] – so don’t stop visualizing that big “$100,000” mark being smashed just yet.

The large companies, the institutional buyers & mass adoption are not going anywhere. The significance of the Bitcoin network is not lessened by a single dip, nor should it be. The digital financial revolution of cryptocurrency and things like smart contracts, defi, dapps, etc will not only change the world, they will change many many lives along the way. You can make sure you are along for the ride – but you have to be willing to hang on.

It’s not the only way to win…but it definitely is the simplest. And as always WHEN IN DOUBT ZOOM OUT.

ALSO Just HODL it.

-Corey Phillips

P.S – If you’re here after watching the Cardano video ; go read some of the Africa stuff they’re doing. AMAZING stuff. Charles Hoskinson reminds me a lot of Steve Jobs – have you seen his YouTube videos? Let me know in the comments what you think about ADA and the future of Cardano – or anything crypto related!

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