July 6, 2022

2 Ways To Get Free Bitcoin


Did you know you can get FREE Bitcoin just by downloading an app? No catches, it’s fast and easy.

It takes about 5 minutes to set it up. Here’s how.

STEP 1: First, you want to download the Strike App from the app store ( Click Here to Download Strike ).

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That’s all. Simply download the Strike app – and you will now have $5 worth of Bitcoin for 5 minutes of your time. How cool is that?

HOW TO GET SOME MORE FREE BITCOIN??? Download Coinbase & do the “Earn and Learns”. Here is how:


STEP 1: Download Coinbase App from the app store (Click here to Download Coinbase).

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STEP 2: Fill out the “Earn and Learns” to earn between 20 and 30 USD worth of Cryptocurrency that you can convert into Bitcoin or USD. (You can even cash it out right away if you want!)

I hope you enjoyed these 2 quick and easy ways to grab some free Bitcoin & Crypto – and don’t forget to get YOUR affiliate link from both Strike and Coinbase to send to all your friends and family that you want to be involved in the Bitcoin world. Who knows – you may even look back in a couple years and find that your few bucks in free Crypto turned into a few HUNDRED – and your friends and family will thank you.

Thanks for reading & enjoy your free Bitcoin!